What the Experts are saying

"In addition to being an exciting read, and totally plausible, Right Guard deftly explores the in-depth turmoil that field operatives often experience as they navigate both the political and especially moral undertones that are inescapably part of any major clandestine operation. A must read for any spy aficionado!"
--Former Senior Operations Officer, CIA
"This book is even more believable today than its original setting in the 1970s. The Declaration of Independence and the Founding Fathers made clear the right of the people to rise against tyranny and institute new government. The majority of Americans today are convinced that a dominant political class recently ignored the will of the people--nay, thumbed their noses at the people, who obviously do not know what is good for them. Scary. Oaths of allegiance are not to politicians in America."
--A Retired General Officer
"Without pomp and circumstance, without outrageous language and literary machinations, you led me simply, skillfully and calmly into a cache of information that slowly became overwhelming in its scope and uncomfortably realistic. It is a profound book. One I won't forget for a long while."
--Senior Military Officer, Pentagon
"This is the most realistic novel I have read about what it feels like to be in the field as a case officer."
--Senior Member of the Intelligence Community, former case officer
"I have never read a novel with a 'beginning' like The Right Guard. "It is different. It begins with a dream... actually 'Far more reality than reverie'."
--Member of the Intelligence Community